Charity Car Wash Program

Partnering with Body Beautiful Car Wash is a great way to raise “a lot of money”.  In this partnership Body Beautiful Car Wash will support your fundraising efforts by supplying tickets for sale and provide up to 50% of the proceeds back to your organization.

Join us in environmental consciousness and environmental standards of excellence.  Please refer to the San Diego Municipal Code Section 43.03 on the restrictions to “discharge of pollutants to the storm water conveyance system.”

When washing the car at Body Beautiful Car Wash, the unsafe contaminates like oil, grease and other toxic elements are removed and safely transported to an appropriate processing facility.  When washing the car at a parking lot charity wash, the same contaminates would flow into the storm drain and pollute our waterways and ocean.

We are also committed to environmental standards of excellence.  Our professional Car Washes conserve water by recycling.  As a matter of fact, our car washes use much less water on average than washing a car at home.

Body Beautiful Car Wash is dedicated to quality and professional car washes.  We promote the highest standard of practices and service in the industry.Choose either the Full Service Wash or the Deluxe Wash and 50% of the ticket sale will help fund your program.

Here’s How It Works

You buy the washes at 50% off the retail price, sell them for the retail price … you keep the difference.

Two Car Wash options are available

  • You sell the Deluxe Full Service coupons for a ($31.99 donation retail price), and pay Body Beautiful Car Wash $15.99 (50%) for each coupon.
  • You sell the Regular Full Service coupons for a ($18.99 donation retail price), and pay Body Beautiful Car Wash $9.49 (50%) for each coupon.

Each ticket is redeemable at our Pacific Highway location. Address will be printed on each ticket.We customize each ticket with your logo and serialize by number for tracking purposes.

If you have any other questions please contact us at:

Attn: Deby Lord
Body Beautiful Car Wash, Inc.
2045 Pacific Highway
San Diego, CA. 92101
(619) 544-7070

Body Beautiful Car Wash